CNG Trailer

A CNG trailer consists of a large number of pressure bottles arranged on a frame and piped to each other. Several sections (usually 6 sections) are formed and installed with separate fittings to shut off each section. The entire unit is designed as a trailer and can therefore be used as a mobile unit. The trailers are filled with natural gas (~ 99% methane) at the RAG filling station up to a maximum pressure of 200 bar.

Technical specifications of the trailers:

3 trailers with 272 cylinders of 90 liters each = 24,480 liters (corresponds to ~ 5,000 m³ Vn natural gas)
2 trailers with 256 cylinders of 89 liters each = 22,748 liters (corresponds to ~ 4,800 m³ Vn natural gas)

Filling pressure: maximum 200 bar
Permissible total weight without tractor unit: 32,000 kg
Permissible total weight with towing vehicle: 40,000 kg

Length without traction engine: ~12m
Length with traction engine: ~16m

Width: ~2.5m
Height: ~3.6m


2 hoses per trailer with 10m each with "EO 30S AG" connection


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