Address/Registered office

RAG Austria AG
1015 Vienna
Schwarzenbergplatz 16, Postfach 56

Commercial register number: FN 78563 i
Commercial register court: Vienna Commercial Court
DPR number: 0054917
VAT identification number: ATU14188902
Professional association membership: Association of Gas- and District Heating Supply Companies


T +43 50 724
F +43 50 724-388

Objects of business:

  1. The company's objects of business are
  • a) production, storage, transportation, stocking, processing, procurement, sale, exploration for, as well as import and export of liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons, as well as trading in products manufactured from these hydrocarbons;
  • b) production, storage, transportation, processing, conversion, treatment, procurement, sale, import and export of energy and gaseous energy sources, as well as trading in products manufactured from these energy sources;
  • c) development and marketing of energy technologies related to the production, conversion and storage of energy, gaseous energy sources and raw materials;
  • d) the construction, acquisition, in particular by buying and renting, as well as use, reuse and operation of pipelines and other infrastructure for the purposes specified in points a) to c) or promoting such purposes;
  • e) the use of formation water encountered in the course of activities associated with the company’s objects of business, and the use of thermal energy;
  • f) investments of any kind in companies as defined above;
  • g) implementation of measures and conclusion of transactions directly or indirectly serving, supporting or commercially related to the purposes or companies mentioned above, in particular the acquisition of all types of permits under public or private law

2. The company is entitled to establish and operate in Austria branch offices or subsidiaries having similar business objects.

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